Energy Star

Tartan has always led the way in evolving building techniques and materials that add quality and value to every home. Today, we are proud to be among the first builders in Canada to join the ENERGYSTAR program, which sets and certifies performance measures for all features of a home - from insulation value to window quality, changes inindoor air quality, efficiency of heating systems, electricity usage and more.All new Tartan single family homes and bungalows are now independently inspected and ENERGYSTAR certified - saving our buyers up to 30% in energy costs the moment they move in, and reducing their impact on the environment in the process. Detailed here are just some of the key features that make Tartan homes the healthier, more environmentally-friendly alternative.

Efficient heating system

Every Tartan home is equipped with an energy-saving two-stage gas furnace that has anefficiency rating of 95% AFUE. It comes equipped with a standard humidifier that raisesthe relative humidity in your home, reducing wood shrinkage and allowing you to reduce your heating costs, since moist air is more comfortable. A fully microelectronic set back thermostat with up to four temperature-change periods daily brings total comfort as well as energy savings.

Heat recover ventilator

Standard in all Tartan single family homes, the heat recovery ventilator (HRV) removes warm, stale air from your home, using its heat to warm the fresh air it pumps back inside. The twin results are better air quality in your home and less energy wasted on warming it in winter.

All casement, low-e argon windows

Every Tartan home features all-vinyl, Low-E Argon casement windows, which have a high energy efficiency glazing. A sealed unit, their warm-edge spacer and weatherstripping provide optimal weather tightness to enhance comfort and reduce condensation.

R-50 Attic insulation & R-25 wall insulation

To keep heat and energy dollars from leaking away, Tartan uses the Owens Corning Pink thermal Wall CodeBord System. Using CodeBord TM allows Tartan to construct a complete R-25 true thermal envelope around your home. The PinkŪ Therrmal Wall incorporates principles that specifically address energy efficiency, moisture control and indoor air quality. While most homebuilders provide R-32 orR-40 attic insulation values, Tartan furnishes R-50 value insulation in the non-cathedralattic space as a standard feature in every home. And basement walls are insulated with R-20 insulation to one foot to the floor.

Compact fluorescent bulbs

All Tartan-built homes come equipped with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs, which last far longer and use far less energy than standard incandescent bulbs.